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Stefan Obermaier - Atha/Saree
Out Aug 1st, 2019
Drift Recordings


Antoine Michel - Esperansia
(Richard Dorfmeister & Stefan Obermaier Remix)
Out July 19th, 2019
Dr. Rich Rec.


Stefan Obermaier - Jago
Out Jan 28th, 2019
Natura Viva

"The Exchange" - OUT NOW!

The Exchange
Out Jan 12th, 2018
Dr. Rich Recordings

Album "This Vibe" OUT NOW!

Stefan Obermaier - This Vibe
Out Oct 6th, 2017
Universal Music

Music Video Release

This is the music video of "Fuji" - the pre-single of the upcoming album "This Vibe" (Out Sept 29th/Universal Music)


Wally Lopez & Stefan Obermaier - Spirit
Out on July 7, 2017
Natura Viva Music


Christian Prommer - Tin Man
(Richard Dorfmeister & Stefan Obermaier Remix)
Out on Mar. 17, 2017
Compost Rec.


Max Doblhoff - Mama Jo feat. Idd Aziz
(Stefan Obermaier Remix)
Out on Aug. 31, 2016
Clubcruise Music


Indigo EP
Out on Sept 09, 2016
Drift Recordings


Tosca - Open Sky (Stefan Obermaier Version)
Out on June 29, 2015
!K7 Records


Max Doblhoff - Djemaa El Fna (Stefan Obermaier Version)
Out on Nov. 22, 2014
Clubcruise Music


Sinaye / Dawning
Out on Nov 7, 2014
Drift Recordings


Stefan Obermaier is the kind of artist who doesn’t have B-sides. His EPs have always overflowed with nightlife, with relaxed ecstasy and collective climax. A dreamy tumult. In that sense, his new opus “Sinaye/Dawning” is a true novelty. “Sinaye” fits like a charm on the chain of the trademark Obermaier sound: deep but sublimely driven, tribal and penetrating, playful yet deliberate. With it he draws together the masses, gathering them again and again on the dance floor. With “Dawning” the artist breaks away, showing a facet of his style that has always been there, but which is now a signature of his new EP. The listener is invited to lean a little further back and disappear, landing on a deserted beach outside of time. Obermaier's night sound is transported into a parallel otherworld. A world where the sun is always just starting to rise but the mist still hangs in the air. The beats fade back and the synths rise to the fore, open, singing, spreading like light. But make no mistake—even his lighter touch will move you to dance. 


Magolie / Monsoon
Out on Okt 24, 2014
Drift Recordings

It really is impressive with what consistency and care Stefan Obermaier fine tunes his trademark sound, thus creating far more than just recognition value. The atmosphere of his tracks just keeps intensifying, concentrating into something tangible, with a sublime but immediate effect on head, heart and feet. On his new EP, heat and humidity reach sweat-inducing proportions. Your blood pressure rises, your heart beats faster and the game of dance begins. It continues in the artwork, which was created by casting points of light on a dancing body. With „Magolie", Obermaier indulges his soft spot for African and tribal elements and calls us to collective ecstasy; a ritual out of time. In „Monsoon", this morphs into a subtropical rain dance and brings us all a step closer to reality.

Chart Update

"Alpino" entered the British Cool Cuts Chart (Music Week)

"Alpino EP" entered the top 10 of the German Club Charts

July 2013


Alpino EP
Out on Aug 2, 2013
Drift Recordings


Stefan Obermaier’s arrangements have reached a new level of clarity. The arcs of suspense have been boosted to undreamt-of heights, but Obermaier also manages to turn the ecstasy back inwards and maintain the energy level across the whole track instead of unleashing it all at once.. As soon as the voice of Joseph Bailey drops, MC-style, the house party turns into a collective experience. The warm bassline fills the room and Obermaier’s groundbreaking deepness becomes palpable to everyone in it.
This is even more true with “Alpino”, one of the definite hits of the upcoming open-air season. The synth intro alone will electrify the masses, but Stefan Obermaier takes it to a higher order of magnitude with a verve of pure genius and a melodic sense that keeps listeners lifted. Over and over he escalates the moment with new tweaks, turns and breakdowns. Stefan Obermaier has found himself.


Rodney Hunter - Midas (Stefan Obermaier Treatment)
Out on March 6, 2013
Hunter Recordings

Midas Stefan Obermaier RMX


Out on Dec 27, 2012
Drift Recordings


APIA is the latest single release from Austria’s finest exporter of house music, Stefan Obermaier. Named after the Samoan capital with the famous ‘never ending summer’, APIA offers up the best there is right now in ultra contemporary, deep/funky house. Call it what you like, one thing is for certain; this track will have a hold of your ears from the first beat of pure, tribal artistry… Imagine sunset at the coolest beach party in the world. You’re about to listen to it.

Chart Update

"Apia" reached together with "Shishanna EP" #2 at the German Club Charts (DCC) and stayed there for the maximum of 10 weeks.

Dec 2012


Shishanna EP
Out on Dec 12, 2012
Drift Recordings

Shishanna EP Cover

Stefan Obermaier is a man familiar with sounds. The fact that the multi talented Austrian producer has his very own room in the famous Vienna based House of Music museum is testament to this. Fitting then perhaps, that Stefan's brand new SHISHANNA EP incorporates samples from around the globe. Following on from his impressive Bagana EP and Traveler, the Shishanna EP continues to offer up a chorus of Stefan's trademark super slick funky house beats, fused with a unique and uber cool African influenced tribal sound. Feature track 'Top Up' oozes class, both in it's composition and production, and will be sure to have the worlds biggest DJs and dance music public alike, purring with satisfaction.





23.10.19 - Insomnia Radio Show / Europa FM (01-03:00)

26.10.19 - Coming Home #9 @ Rote Bar / Volkstheater (Vienna/A)